The ONE Theme Song

In 2018, God gave the ONE Hearing the Word (HTW) Team the boldness and the vision to launch ONE Campaign in a big way: go beyond the HKEF International churches to reach 500 churches; to use technology and social media to touch, excite, engage thousands of believers across denominations, age groups, cultural and language divide for ONE purpose: uniting His people to hear His Word together.  The results since then were beyond anything we could have imagined.  Over 52,000 downloads or users,  3+ millions bible engagements and 100+ pastors from many denominations and churches, uniting to bring prayers, translations and devotions, 300+ volunteers working together selflessly each year to ensure God’s Word is being heard by His people every Lent. Testimonies of fruitfulness that resulted from hearing His Word were plenty.  God is at work!

In a similar way, God has also given us the vision to have a song to accompany/support ONE Campaign: An inspiration that came from the Holy Spirit because where human words leave off, His inspired music will begin to work: Touching hearts in ways words cannot do about the importance of His Word, His love and His heart for ONE Church. A song that will draw people to Him and to His Word. The vision for the ONE Song!

But we still needed a composer and lyricist for the song; and this was going to be a challenging task because the song is for a global ONE Campaign – this song could potentially be sung in hundreds and thousands of languages. A world class problem requires a world class solution: our board member KY approached Daniel KL Chua, Chair Professor of Music at The University of Hong Kong about writing the ONE Song.  A Christian and currently President of the International Musicology Society, Daniel was inspired by the vision of ONE, to bring unity to God’s Church and to hear His Word; the result was the ONE Song. The song “ONE” is a beautiful song that expresses the unity of God and his Church, and how that unity is the driving force for the vision and mission of God’s Kingdom from Matthew 28.

Through having this beautiful and inspired ONE Song in many languages, we hope this will remind and inspire all people groups that we are ONE people under ONE God and to become united as ONE under His Word!

If you feel the call to translate and/or record this song in your own language, we want you to know that you have the complete creative freedom to make this song your own.  Please make it relevant to your own culture.  By leaving us your contacts below, you will have access to the ONE song musical arrangement materials and commentary etc.  Copyrights of Words and Music by Daniel KL Chua.