Gospel Film (Watching Group)

FREE MOVIE: Lumo Gospel of Mark in 600+ Languages.



The “Gospel Film” is an exciting product of Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH) collaboration with the Lumo Project. You will watch the compelling portrayal of the Gospel of Mark out of the 4 Gospels, with only the audio bible as their scripts – word for word. We believe that, through these films, Jesus’ story of hope will reach hearts far and wide as people hear and see scripture in their native heart language.

These films are available in 600+ languages on Bible.is App.

How to join a Watching Group?

Gather your friends once a week on Sunday or any day. They can be formed by church leaders or you.

ONE Watching Group is versatile—they can be family-focused, church group focused, neighbor focused, ministry or evangelistic focused. They are intended to immerse people in the Gospel of Mark through a profound visual experience, to connect the gospel to people’s heart languages and to provide a foundation for an in-depth discussion about the word of God.

These films were shot in Morocco to give an authentic, contextual visual perspective of what the Biblical setting might have looked like. Characters are much like what the disciples might have looked like. The scenery is much like where Jesus might have walked and done His ministry and lived and laughed and fellowshipped.

The films really bring you into a deeper contextual perspective of the Gospel of Mark as a whole and connect viewers historically and culturally to this life of Jesus. So the intention of these watching groups is to be done in the community and to connect people around scripture. These films are Word for Word scripture and they are also available in over 600 languages.

ONE2021 Campaign (HK) Watching Group Schedule for 7 weeks (available in 6 languages), or you can also watch them via ONE Hearing the Word App.

Week 1: Mark 1:1-2-2:12
Week 2: Mark 2:13-5:20
Week 3: Mark 5:21-7:23
Week 4: Mark 7:24-9:50
Week 5: Mark 10:1-12:12
Week 6: Mark 12:13-14:26
Week 7: Mark 14:27-16:8

Bible Study guide and questions are provided for Small Group Watching Group.