“My mom has been sick for over a year—she’s immobile and can’t leave our house. I’ve asked her many times to read the Bible, but she’s unable to turn the pages, so she stopped trying. A local pastor gave me a Proclaimer recently, and I realized that this is my mom’s opportunity to easily access […]

“My name is Anh*, and I am 13 years old. I grew up sacrificing to spirits and following the ancients ways of my ancestors. One day, several preachers came to my house and gathered the people to listen to the Bible through Proclaimer. I remember listening to John 3:16 and immediately wanting to learn more […]

Listening to an Audio Bible has been such a blessing to my wife and me. It is special to hear God’s Word in Kaqchikel, our language. We used to read the Bible on our own and didn’t discuss it together very often. After starting to listen to the Kaqchikel Audio Bible together, however, we dedicate […]

Created to play Scriptures for oral people around the world, the Proclaimer serves as a solar-powered Audio Bible. Made to withstand harsh conditions, this one survived a fire in Malaysia and still rings out God’s Word as clearly as it did when it was first created! Faith Comes By Hearing is a non-profit organization, we […]

The Tboli people can finally hear God’s Word. This is their story. May more people hear the Gospel in their heart language because of you! Faith Comes By Hearing is a non-profit organization, we are committed to recording and providing FREE Audio Scripture. We are supported by people just like you. Currently, we are running […]

“I had lost hope and stopped going to church. Members of my family were even worse—my two brothers were addicted to opium, cocaine, and alcohol. When we received a Proclaimer and listened together, my life changed and I began to go to church. I praise God because my whole family joined me, including my brothers. […]

“I am so happy that my mother and siblings accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior today,” a teen shared with our partner before he left. “My grandmother and I were the only ones in the family who were believers, but now the whole family is! I have prayed for my family’s salvation for a long […]

Duong* was very frustrated by how the sin in her life controlled her—especially her dishonesty and hot temper. She could not even pray. Now she has completed listening to the New Testament twice and is no longer controlled by lying and anger. When she received a Proclaimer in her heart language from her pastor, he […]

One day, a pastor brought a special gift—an Audio Bible in Paicho*—to the local school. The teacher—who had always taught in Spanish and did not know or recognize the Paicho language—was taken by surprise as the children came running over to the pastor in delight. Perplexed by the behavior of the children because she had […]

It all started with a small family of four: Our recording partner and his wife had downloaded the Mombwe Global Bible App from Faith Comes By Hearing and then shared it with their two daughters. Without realizing it, they planted a seed that would ultimately bear good fruit. The two daughters went to school and […]