About Us

Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH) Asia

FCBH Asia is part of the family of FCBH in Albuquerque, U.S.A. who is an international audio Bible recording ministry and has audio Bibles available in over 1,300 languages. For over 47 years, it has been committed to providing everyone with access to the pure Word of God in their own heart language with a focus on the poor and illiterate. From cutting-edge online and mobile technologies to solar-powered devices, its resources are currently used in almost every country. FCBH is a top-rated charity with Charity Navigator for over 10 consecutive years.  The Bible.is is a popular App.

Hong Kong Evangelical Fellowship HKEF

HKEF is an association of English-speaking Evangelical Christians in Hong Kong.  Its purpose is to provide united activities to encourage and assist members in their common endeavour to evangelize, educate, and carry out charitable work to alleviate the spiritual, social, and physical needs of the people of Hong Kong. 

Vision & Mission

  • Powerful expressions of Unity as all believers listen to God’s words together
  • Life transformation and revival 
  • Together we accomplish Vision 2033: 99% of people on earth could hear the Bible in their own heart language
  • Go global in 2021: Six international cities to launch ONE Hearing the Word Campaign

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