“Pray HK: ONE minute @ ONE pm” on GNCI (真証傳播)

Not only the 1-minute prayer is available on ONE App, it is also available on GoodNews Communication International Ltd. (真証傳播) many thanks to their relentless support for all the post-production efforts. Join us to be part of watchmen for Hong Kong praying collectively for our beloved city. You can even extend this blessing to other friends with whom you think the prayers today encouraging and worth sharing with them.

How? It is very simple! Go to your ONE Hearing the Word (ONE) App, look for “Setting” button, click “Invite friends”, choose means of social media platform on your mobile device (WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, Messenger etc), pick 3+ friends to whom you think they did not know nor have downloaded the ONE App, then press “send”. Pray over these 3+ friends that they will accept your invitation.

Thank you for joining 50,000+ users of ONE App and you have made a difference to bless our beloved city in unity.

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