How to partake the next God-size goal?

Thank you for joining “Pray HK: ONE Minute @ ONE pm” initiative. Praise God for His rallying pastors and volunteers of different churches and two local Christian media organizations to make the daily prayers available in written and audio forms on and beyond ONE App.

These daily prayers shall come to an end on 10 July 2020, when we finish the daily listening of Acts.  However, you will be able to use the ONE App for your daily engagement of the New Testament until the commencement of ONE2021 Campaign.

Would you like to help make this global ONE2021 Campaign a success? How can you help?

1) CONNECT.  Reach out to us if you can connect pastors or church leaders with us for the introduction of ONE2021 Campaign.

2) SHARE.   We would love to receive stories of yourself or your friends who have been transformed through reading or listening to the ONE App.

3) PRAY.  Please join our prayer meeting once a month on the 6th day of each month to pray for our ministry, Faithcomesbyhearing (FCBH) Asia and for this city, our country and other nations.

Our ministry aims to get God’s Word to every person in a form they can understand. Please download and help get God’s Word widely spread. If you like to know our ministry in details, please visit our website: and watch this video:

Please contact us at email

or Whatsapp +852 6884-7321.

God bless!

One thought on “How to partake the next God-size goal?

  1. This app is very useful and i am blessed everyday to read/pray with this app.. Helpful apps and more knowledge to know. Thanks and God bless

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