ONE Testimony: Retired Cleaning Worker

Summary: Gark Mui is a retired cleaning worker living on Lantau Island. She is illiterate. Though she has believed in Christ for some time through her mother-in-law, her spiritual life is young. With the help of Sister Angela, who introduces to her the ONE App, accompanies her to read the bible and pray with her every day, Gark Mui has tremendous growth in the Lord. Let’s listen to what she said. “The Lord is so good to me. He saves me and lifts me up from despair. I listen to His word every morning and count HIS blessings when I walk out to the farm. HE is such a wonderful and beautiful God!” We are delighted to hear Gark Mui’s testimony, but the most important lesson is to show our care to the people around us. We may not know them well but share with them God’s words. Make them disciples of Christ.

Please share with us at ONE Hotline at (852) 66847321 or, or simply leave a comment below, in whatever formats about how God has touched, inspired or used you as you listen to God’s Word using ONE App or participate in ONE2020 Campaign. This way, we may mutually encourage each other’s faith. In addition, our Lord Jesus will be delighted in your witness of his gospel to the world.

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