Your Testimony

“So shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose” (Isaiah 55:11 (ESV))

Please share with us at ONE Hotline at (852) 66847321 or, or simply leave a comment below, in whatever formats about how God has touched, inspired or used you as you listen to God’s Word using ONE App or participate in ONE2020 Campaign. This way, we may mutually encourage each other’s faith. In addition, our Lord Jesus will be delighted in your witness of his gospel to the world.

5 thoughts on “Your Testimony

  1. During this season of Lent, God is using the One app to walk more closely with him. His presence has given me peace during these days of being physically separated from my church family.

  2. During this season of lent ,we are having a crisis of coranavirus problems and many people are dying ,but I would like to ask the people who believe in jesus, do u come to church for prayer and worship or u are afraid of attending the church, I would like to tell them don’t be afraid of attending jesus’s house because he is always with us ,wherever we have any problems, look for jesus always and he will be here with us .Let me pray for the coranavirus, dear lord jesus help us overcome the fear of coranavirus and dying and be with us wherever we are worshipping u lord ,let us erase the bad mistake we have done and let us live the life in peace in jesus name amen

  3. The Best Is Yet To Come

    I thought a lot when I was a kid and pondered on big questions.
    Okay I came from my parents but who’s that creator in the beginning?
    Okay the size of this room is 200 square feet and beyond the wall is space but what’s there beyond all the beyonds?
    Many a nights I couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t fathom the answers, especially for the biggest question: what’s the point to be born, to eat and drink, to pollute and consume, and then die?

    I turned to books of different shapes and sizes; art and science..but they just didn’t click – even the book ‘The Meaning of Life’ doesn’t give me enough clue.

    I thought – let me just work hard and play hard especially then I was charged with a mission of opening a hotel and people told me I was doing good and I could be on top of everything if I just focused on the project 24×7. Maybe work is the meaning.

    Upon the hotel opening period, I developed a prolonged dying cough and lost one lung, at least that’s what appeared in the X-ray image. It was diagnosed as TB and I had to be hospitalised for 3 months and people had to stay away from me. I was very lonely and started to challenge my worth because I couldn’t work and most people deserted me literally, except my mom.

    Besides her, a courageous Christian whom I didn’t know before, visited my sick bed as part of her mission. She unconditionally gave me this big bible, prayed for me, and guided me to read it every single day after working hours because – unlike me lying in the hospital, this Christian needed to work! I thought this is just awesome, what kind of selflessness is this? The love and power behind this act is incredible, and I was tremendously touched so I wanted to know more and hence completed my first cover to cover reading of the bible in the subsequent months under this Christian’s guidance. The healing was more than physical.

    Looking back and joining the dots, that’s definitely not a coincidence but a blessing in disguise. I finally humbled myself to understand God’s holiness and my unrighteousness, and found that the bible is not about information and data but relationship and love.

    Thereafter, I have won more and more genuine friends at the church and workplace. In every thoughts and deeds, I pause to ask God to examine my motives, and think about how would Jesus respond and serve others with meek and joy?

    This has also changed my way looking at work and life: Knowing Jesus may not make challenges easier by the world’s standards, but I know I am not facing them alone because God is with me and He will never forsake me. I have all the assurances in life and I know the best is yet to come!!


    小學二年級開始學英文,他對這「外文」又愛又恨,如果不重複背誦實在很難記入不聰明的腦袋,「手不釋卷」是別人給他的評語,在家讀書的聲音也頗厲害,連書呆子的母親也記得他課文中的 ” A dog and a cat, Billy and Lily…” 母親是他春風化雨的第一個「學生」!

    出於關心,家人不想他每分鐘也拿著書本, 尤其是坐公車或走路上學時,生怕影響視力和出意外,這些都是好意, 但有一次,他們不想書呆子到處拜年時也手不釋卷,因為新春期間親友不想看見「獨輸」。無論如何,他都堅持讀下去,那怕只是一篇、一頁、一句,因為讀了入腦便成為自己的學問了。長大後,到書店打書釘更是他每週末的最佳節目。


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