• 🌈A Testimony from an affectionate husband🌈
    Listening to an Audio Bible has been such a blessing to my wife and me. It is special to hear God’s Word in Kaqchikel, our language. We used to read the Bible on our own and didn’t discuss it together very often. After starting to listen to the Kaqchikel Audio […]


ONE2021 Hearing the Word Campaign

Feb 17 – Apr 4 2021

Book of Mark & Romans

5-7 Minutes Daily Listening

ONE Hearing the Word Campaign (ONE Campaign) is going GLOBAL in 2021! Join us!


We are excited to announce that ONE2021 Campaign will be launched simultaneously in more than 7 countries across the globe! We expect over 300 churches in the USA participating and are anticipating many more churches joining us in each of the world cities that are partnering with us too! The goals are to let the people of God hear His Word in their heart language, to unite the body of Christ under His Word and bring in a powerful transformation in each city through His people. This is indeed a movement of God, by God and for His Glory. ONE Campaign was birthed in Hong Kong back in 2019, we never anticipated that this would become a global movement in such a short time. God is calling His people.

Bible engagement is at the heart of building spiritual growth and therefore, the foundation of a strong revival in our church, community and city. When we join together in unity, to invite one other person to join this Campaign, we will unleash a powerful movement of God that will release His blessings and His power for His glory.

To find out more about this Campaign, please contact us via email: hk@faithcomesbyhearing.asia or ONE Hotline: +852 68847321

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Join the Movement of ONE Campaign

What if cities around the world UNITED as ONE Church around the Word of God to bring Jesus to millions of people?

Join us to become a Partner Church or Organization: http://www.onehtw.com/index.php/become-a-one-hk-partner/

ONE Hong Kong Partner Churches and Networks

  • Accra Ghana 加納首都阿克拉
  • Ansan City South Korea 南韓安山巿
  • Hong Kong 香港
  • Kansas City美國堪薩斯巿
  • Kuala Lumpur 吉隆坡
  • Singapore 新加坡
  • Alliance International Church
  • Alliance Mandarin Church 宣道會國語堂
  • Ambassador International Church
  • Calvary Church Hong Kong 香港加略山基督教會
  • Camacop – Christian & Missionary Alliance Churches of the Philippines
  • Chinese Christian Assemblies of God Hung Hom Church 基督教華人神召會紅磡堂
  • Church of All Nations 萬邦堂
  • Community Church Hong Kong 香港靈合堂
  • Evangelical English Church
  • E.F.C.C. Jachin Church 中國基督教播道會雅斤堂
  • E.F.C.C. Kong Fok Church 中國基督教播道會港福堂 
  • E.F.C.C. Tung Fok Causeway Bay Church 中國基督教播道會同福銅鑼灣堂
  • E.F.C.C. Tung Fok Kowloon East Church 中國基督教播道會同福九龍東堂 
  • Every Nation Hong Kong
  • Glow Fellowship International
  • Gospel Community Church
  • Grace Church 基督恩典教會
  • Happy News Church
  • Harvest Mission Community Church of Hong Kong
  • His Sanctuary Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Baptist Church 香港浸信教會
  • Hong Kong Central Church 홍콩중앙교회
  • Hong Kong Elim Presbyterian Church 홍콩엘림교회
  • Hong Kong Full Gospel Church 홍콩순복음교회
  • Hong Kong Korean Church 홍콩한인교회
  • Hong Kong Love and Truth Christian Church 홍콩애진교회
  • Hope for All Church
  • ICA International Christian Assembly 基督教國際神召會
  • Island Evangelical Community Church (IECC)
  • Jesus Reigns
  • Kingdom Harvest Ministries 國度禾場事工
  • Kowloon International Baptist Church 九龍國際浸信會 
  • Kwun Tong Baptist Church 觀塘浸信會
  • Lighthouse Ministries International Church
  • Living Spring Foursqaure Gospel Church
  • Methodist International Church, Hong Kong 循道衛理聯合教會國際禮拜堂 
  • New City Church
  • New Creation Hong Kong
  • New Heights Church Hong Kong
  • Onsarang Presbyterian, Church of Hong Kong 홍콩온사랑교회
  • Pentecostal Church of HK Taipo Church 竹園區神召會大埔堂
  • Resurrection Church, Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui 香港聖公會復活堂 
  • Revival Christian Church 基督教復興教會
  • Roundtable Church
  • Royal Victory Church International Hong Kong
  • Saddleback Hong Kong 馬鞍峰香港教會
  • Shatin Anglican Church, Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui 香港聖公會沙田堂 
  • Shatin Baptist Church 沙田浸信會
  • Solomon’s PorchSolomon’s Porch
  • St. Andrew’s Church (English Speaking), Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui 香港聖公會聖安德烈堂 
  • South Horizons Baptist Church 海怡浸信教會
  • The Alliance Evangelical Church in KornHill Alliance
  • The Bridge Church
  • The Church of Living Grace 基督教恩霖堂
  • The King’s Houses International 國際王家服事團
  • The New Berean Church of God
  • The New Life Temple 新生命堂
  • The Vine Church Limited 葡萄藤教會 
  • Tokwawan Baptist Church 土瓜灣浸信會
  • Tsim Sha Tsui Swatow Christian Church 基督教尖沙咀潮人生命堂 
  • Union Church Hong Kong 香港佑寧堂 
  • Watermark Community Church
  • West Kowloon Baptist Church 西九浸信會
  • ACT Africa Coffee & Tea
  • Alpha Course Hong Kong Limited 香港啟發課程有限公司
  • AMENPAPA Limited
  • Asian Outreach HK Limited 香港亞洲歸主協會有限公司
  • Bethel Bible Seminary Ray Bakke Centre for Urban Transformation 柏祺城市轉化中心
  • Christian Action Hong Kong 香港基督教勵行會
  • Chung King Ministry
  • Every Home for Christ (Asia) Ltd. 亞洲逐家歸主
  • Family First Hong Kong
  • Full Gospel Businessmen Men’s Fellowship Int’l (HK) 香港國際全備福音商人團契
  • GoodNews Communication International Ltd. (GNCI) 真証傳播
  • Hong Kong Young Life
  • Lawyers Christian Fellowship
  • Les Beatitudes 愛連心
  • Lingnan University Chaplaincy 嶺南大學校牧處
  • Love Foundation 愛基金
  • Milk and Honey Arts Foundation Limited (MaHA) 語蜜工房
  • Network J ( Evangelistic Ministry Organization)飛躍網絡國際
  • Orchidée Exclusive Limited
  • RAD
  • The Hong Kong Christian Kun Sun Association Ltd 香港基督教更新會
  • The Media Evangelism Limited 影音使團有限公司
  • White Lily Limited 愛百合
  • Wycliff Bible Translators (Hong Kong) 香港威克理夫聖經翻譯會
  • YMCA 香港基督教青年會

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